Instructions to add FreedomPop Friends

  • Login to your FreedomPop account, on the bottom of the page in the "Invite Friends" tab, select "Invite by Email Address".
  • Copy and paste your email address list which is separated by a comma.

    *Ensure that there is no comma in the very last email address.

  • When friend invites populate in your FreedomPop Friends, please accept. Have as least ten or more friends on your list to retain at least 500 MB of LTE in your account. Transition to a new list of friends if current list doesn't provide enough LTE data.

    *To avoid accidentally accepting a data request, accept friends by selecting 'View all my Freedom Friends' on the middle right of your main page, then select the 'Invite Friends' tab.

  • You are not obligated to send data to your new friends. But if you are at the end of the cycle and have not used all your data, that would be a nice gesture.

    *Data request only show on the home page.

Instructional video on how to remove FreedomPop first month free trial.